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Johnson Screen is made from V shaped profile wire, which is spirally wound around a cage of longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded, with an unique welding process. This spacing gives passage for water to enter. The entire process is completed on fully computerized machines. The pitch of winding gives different spacing between two adjacent turns of wire.

Johnson screen have the features of great strength, precision, long service life and a wide range of applications in the field of process and engineering such as waste water treatment, sugar juice filtration, crude oil and natural gas production and vessel internals solving problems of solid / liquid and solid / gas separation, filtration of oils, greases, water, fuels, paints, food products, liquid cooling agents, and chemicals etc.



Johnson Screen Advantages:
Johnson screen has a continuous slot opening which significantly increases 

theavailable open area, thus providing greater access to the water bearing zone (the aquifer) 
A uniform and efficient well development due to the continuous slot opening.
A "V" shaped profile wire which avoids clogging and ensures an uninterrupted flow.

Johnson Screen Applications: 
- De-watering;
- Separating;
- Filtering;
- Straining;
- Sizing;
- Drying;
- Media retention
- Water intake