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The support grid is a flat screen panel that provides uniform flow collection which is essential in many applications. This is particularly important when screens are used to reserve expensive ion exchange resins. Support grids provide superior media retention characteristics in vessels of all types. They feature durable construction, precise open area, and are virtually non-clogging. For larger vessel diameters Longjia screen support grids are fabricated in segments to allow installation through a vessel man-way.

Screen Support Grids Benefits: 
A non plugging surface; Self supporting structure; Accurate separation; High open area; Durable

Screen Support Grids Applications:
Molecular sieve; Catalyst bed support; Ion exchange; Sand filters; False bottoms

Screen Support Grids Arrangement & Installation:
A support grid could be made out of parallel or pie shaped segments, each segment just resting on the beams or bolted to or welded to the next one. The joining bars could be flush or project above the screening surface. Support structure can be included for additional strength.
The support grids can be attached to the supporting structure by bolts fixed to the grid or part of the vessel itself.